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Simply Beautiful

This Featured Outfit of the Day is my younger sister. Her shirt, was purchased for one dollar. Her skirt, was purchased for four dollars. She is a young lovely lady, whom I am very much in Love with. I pray that God will always protect my precious sister. All of these purchases were from the Fleamarket in Brooklyn near the Aqueduct.

I also wanted to thank all my recent followers, you are all welcomed!

If you want to know specifically where the flea market is, leave a comment.




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I am a young female who is in the world of academia. I enjoy simple and personal style. This blog will focus on my thrift finds that I find in the New York as well as sale items. I may post a random person OOTD or one of my family/friends. I love Jesus and I am not afraid to write about that. I hope to help individuals seeking inexpensive alternatives when it comes to fashion. I post either on Saturday, Sunday or Monday.

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