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Lets Catch Up..#OOTN

So,like many people I think that my connection with God is the tightest thing, I ask and I receive. In my last post I really believe I understood God’s plan. There is a saying when Jesus Says Yes nobody can say no. Which is absolutely true but as a human there is always some form of doubt and that is what I am currently getting rid of.

Shout out to Long Island City! 🙂


Vera Wang Booties purchased I believe in the year 2013 not sure. The jacket was thrifted yes hunny $15 for a dope Ann Taylor coat. H&M shirt $3 the only thing that was not thrifted was my midi red skirt that was purchased off ASOS, that as I am ashamed was $22 dollars smh on a black friday “sale”.

I am a very ambitious person so much so that I became ill and  needed surgery. I’m not going to say what the operation was but it was serious. This I believe came from anxiety and stress.  I had a very important exam to study for that would determine my future. I did well , however there was a circumstances that has prevented me to go forward and what I believe was the right path towards my goal. That is how rigid minded I am , I think that what is the current door is the only door. This is completely  false there are so many ways to achieve my goal it’s not even funny how over qualified I am.



I know I am being very vague, but with time maybe I will open up to you guys as readers.

Sometimes you Just need to Live your Life. FYI I was NOT on the train tracks I was on the clear street, I would never go on train tracks for a picture. Neither would I suggest people to do so either, unless your absolute sure no train and it is a background. I digress..


If you were ever disappointed and overcame your , what I like to say “Cross” let me know in the comments below and also about the clothes of course ;).


Pictures By my dope friend , supporter and study buddy for life! Much Love to you <333!!!

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I am a young female who is in the world of academia. I enjoy simple and personal style. This blog will focus on my thrift finds that I find in the New York as well as sale items. I may post a random person OOTD or one of my family/friends. I love Jesus and I am not afraid to write about that. I hope to help individuals seeking inexpensive alternatives when it comes to fashion. I post either on Saturday, Sunday or Monday.


  1. Yes of course. Is there a specific post that you want me to read? I’m going on your site right now


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