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Thrift Store Recent Finds

Initially when I started this blog I thought I was going to be an active blogger. Obviously that is not the case. The reality is that my life is very demanding , however whenever I get to blog it does relaxes me and prayer of course. Anyways enough about me, I wanted to share the recent finds I manage to buy from the flea market I recommended in my post. Honestly, my favorite vendors are there so that’s is where the majority of my closet comes from. So without further writing here are some of my thrift finds.

My Sister was able to purchase this poncho for $ 5.
Fall 2


I was able to purchase faux leather Jacket with a fur collar for $10.

fall 4

As for the Zara shirt $5.

fall 3

Fall 5

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I am a young female who is in the world of academia. I enjoy simple and personal style. This blog will focus on my thrift finds that I find in the New York as well as sale items. I may post a random person OOTD or one of my family/friends. I love Jesus and I am not afraid to write about that. I hope to help individuals seeking inexpensive alternatives when it comes to fashion. I post either on Saturday, Sunday or Monday.


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