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Chillin OOTD/ Thrift Store Recommendations

DSC_0829  DSC_0831

My OOTD consists of forever 21 joggers $17  and a thrifted shirt I purchased for one dollar.

Now I use to purchase many of my items at a certain flea market. However, it closed down. Luckily most of the vendors I purchase from are still in the flea market industry and have relocated to the Aquduck Flea market located 700 Fountain Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11208. I find really nice finds for very inexpensive cost and I highly recommend this flea market. I also found my Joggers from my Back to School post in this flea market.



If you like thrift shopping in the city here is a  find that I hope can inspire you to save your money.  A recent inexpensive  found  I purchased were these Glint Midi heels. The pair I have , has lace on them and I only spent $9.00.  If your in the city area I suggest checking out the Salvation Army Donation Store located 208 E 23rd St, New York, NY 10010.


My thrifted shoes are on the left ,  picture of the similar design on the right.Mind you the right $81.

DSC_0746 shopping



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I am a young female who is in the world of academia. I enjoy simple and personal style. This blog will focus on my thrift finds that I find in the New York as well as sale items. I may post a random person OOTD or one of my family/friends. I love Jesus and I am not afraid to write about that. I hope to help individuals seeking inexpensive alternatives when it comes to fashion. I post either on Saturday, Sunday or Monday.

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